Vegetarian Festival in Hat Yai

Richmann Resort Hotel Hat Yai invites you to join the Vegetarian Festival, a tradition upheld by Thai-Chinese descendants for centuries. Hat Yai celebrates this festival annually, from the 1st to the 9th night of the 9th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. During this period, Chinese locals abstain from consuming meat as an act of purification for both the body and the soul, engaging in rituals and making merit to bring blessings and prosperity to their lives.


Where to Participate in the Vegetarian Festival

Tourists and visitors in Hat Yai can join local activities at the Hat Yai Municipal Vegetarian Foundation. The festival runs from October 14th to October 24th, 2566, featuring divine food ceremonies, the procession of the Kio Ong Tai Te procession throughout Hat Yai, and the worship ceremony for the Nine Emperor Gods. These events aim to preserve the rich cultural traditions of Thai-Chinese heritage. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the festivities and enrich your body, mind, and spirit.


Accommodations in Hat Yai for the Vegetarian Festival

Richmann Resort Hotel Hat Yai offers convenient and comfortable accommodations in the heart of Hat Yai, just 17.6 kilometers from Hat Yai International Airport. A 25-minute car ride allows you to experience nature and enjoy privacy. The hotel provides a variety of room sizes, well-decorated with luxurious 7-foot Simmons beds and high-quality linen. Rooms also feature a 55-inch smart TV, minibar, high-speed internet, rain shower, 1800-watt hairdryer, and a private balcony.


Hotel Facilities

Inside the hotel, you'll find amenities such as a swimming pool, large sauna, and a cafe with a variety of beverages.

Stay with us for relaxation after a day of festival activities and easy access to Hat Yai's significant nearby attractions.


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